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Advance Directive Support

Options in advance directives (healthcare wishes), guidance for healthcare agents, filing your directive online, Advance Directive vs POLST - so that everyone is clear on your healthcare wishes with no surprises or heartbreak when its time to use these directives.

Advance After-Death Directive

Know your local disposition options and what they entail, local providers, and the cost of these services-this is to ensure that you not only know all the options that you have available; traditional, green, cremation, home funeral, but that you also know your rights around planning a funeral. Additionally, a clear plan will ensure your wishes are followed in detail and your loved ones are left in peace and without question regarding disposition. No family arguments, disappointments or regret. 

Dependent Care

Dependents, Pet Care - this is essential to ensure everyone you love is cared for when you are no longer able to do so. It is one of the most important gifts and acts of love.

Special Possessions

Special Possessions are just that, special. Jewelry, collections, heirlooms, ensure that your precious and special items are cared for in the manner and by the person you choose. 


Legacy is the imprint that you will leave on the world through story, recipes, music, art, hobbies, love. - Another incredible gift for the ones you love now and the many to come. Keep your stamp on the family by passing down the intangibles, knowledge, and wisdom that you’ve collected in your lifetime, allowing future generations to benefit from the life you’ve lived. 

Comfort and Care

Personal choices regarding how you find comfort for physical, emotional and spiritual pain. - This will bring so much relief to you presently and in the future when it's needed. Through any illness and to your very last breath, decide now how you prefer to receive comfort and care. This will not only ensure you are properly cared for, it will also bring a great deal of relief to your loved ones. They never have to guess or wonder. What a gift and what a relief! 

Digital Footprint

Online accounts, social media - one of the “things” that causes family additional frustration and grief is trying to transfer or close accounts, and/or just knowing their are memberships, accounts, media, etc. that haven’t been finalized. Some families are triggered for years by automated social media and emailed reminders of birthdays and special days for their deceased loved one. Allow your family easy access to put everything in place and close all things out with love and respect. 

End of Life Organization

Biographical information, financials, important documents - so that your chosen representatives, are completely organized with everything at their fingertips. They will be so appreciative and grateful for how you cared for them even after you were no longer living.  

Comprehensive End of Life Preparation that includes the End of Life Essentials™ Workbook containing Advance Directive Support, Streamlining Funeral Planning, Dependent Care, Special Possessions, Legacy, Comfort and Care, Digital Footprint and End of Life Organization.

Monthly Office Hours

Join your instructor, LiElla, and other students to discuss the course work and challenges that you may be encountering while working through the course. You're never alone in your end of life planning journey.

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End of Life Essentials™ Workbook

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